Thursday, June 12, 2008

A's 8, Yankees 1

Rasner & the One Bad Inning


Anonymous said...

Hey Yank!

How much is Giambi going to play first base, while on the road in Houston? Will he start every game and get benched for a defensive replacement if the Yanks have a lead?

Are you going to every Yanks vs. Astros game?

Guy Who Just Picked Up Giambi For His Fantasy Team(Blue).

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just read your previous post. You are going to every Yanks vs. Astros game. Good for you, and good for our country. By the way, I've got McCain in six games, and the Celtics in Seven.

One of my favorite baseball facts of all time is the combined no hitter the Astros threw against the Pinstripes at Yankee Stadium. Oswalt gets injured and five relievers finished them off. That's an amazing achievement for the entire team, one that gets overlooked quite often. We're just a few days past the five year anniversary of that game. Any chance it can happen again?