Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yankees 3, Mets 2

All of a sudden . . . a battle of staff aces?

Last November, did anyone think Pettitte would have that status with the Yanks? Or Santana with the Mets?

All of a sudden, Pettitte is channeling 1998.

And they'll need him.

What was nearly an afterthought in the off-season ("Oh, cool, Lefty's coming back") is now a necessity: Holy crap, Pettitte better keep it up.

So: Pettitte, Moose, Joba are your core starters. And: is Ponson this season's Sean Chacon/Cory Lidle? Can you do it again and again, big boy? You're here to eat 100 innings between now and Harvest Moon, keep us in games, eke out a half-dozen more wins.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

And? And? Rasner?

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SunDevilJoe said...

As Joel sherman in the NYPost put it: "THE Yankees most critical offseason decision played out on the Shea Stadium mound yesterday: Andy Pettitte vs. Johan Santana.

Every time Pettitte approximates Santana - or in the case of yesterday, is his equal or better - it is a huge triumph for the Yankees' decision-making process. Because if Pettitte vs. Santana is a virtual draw, then the Yanks break the tie in their favor by moving forward with Phil Hughes.

Let's hope Ponson sticks to eating 100 innings as opposed to burritos.