Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blue Jays 9, Yankees 3

It took all of two innings to demonstrate the obvious: this is one wicked roll of the dice.

Since Labor Day of last year, the most consistent portion of the Yankees--really, the only consistent portion of the Yankees--has been Joba and Mo at the back of the bullpen. Wang has come close at times; the rest of the rotation has been up and down. MVP A-Rod suffered another miserable October and was hurt for much of this year. Cano and Giambi were catatonic for this season's first six weeks. Damon was hurt, then Posada. Jeter has been mostly excellent, but week in, week out, what has kept the Yankees afloat has been their ability to take a lead after 21 outs and make it stand up.

So: mostly because Hughes has been hurt and ineffective, and because Kennedy has had tweo really good starts all year, Cashman and Girardi basically have decided to break up a pair to go for a straight. Which is something you do in spring training, not while you're trying to hang on to the outer edges of contention in June.

We have already seen the short-term effect of Joba's move out of the pen: one loss, at least, on Monday (thank you, Kardiac Kyle). Now this.

Well, let's reserve judgment, anyhow.


SuDevilJoe said...

Let's hope, and I've gotta believe, that Joba will settle down against mighty KC on Sunday

Anonymous said...

Cease and desist your besmirching of me, my friend, or you will be duly punished.

The Body Slammer