Friday, June 13, 2008

Yankees 4, A's 1

A full day of conventioneering, during which I missed Matsui's slammy and Pettitte's return from his should-have-been-a-debacle had it not been for the Yankees' three separate comebacks last Saturday.

And speaking of comebacks . . .

Anyone catch the Celtics-Lakers?

I did, at the end of the day, in a cigar bar on Kirby Drive, and spent the second half high-fiving the Chowderhead sitting behind me until my palms nearly bled.

At one point we were admonished by the bartender: "Hey, calm down guys, this ain't no f------ wing house!"

I had thought about going home at halftime, but I stayed to watch it all, and now I feel wicked smaht.


SunDevilJoe said...

I was "clicking" back and forth between the Yankees and Celtics agonizing as both were hoplessly behind (yes, these days a 1 run deficit can seem hopeless). Then, Matsui hit his "tater" just as the men in green were gaining the upper hand against the vaunted, favored,much loved tofu eating hollywood bunch. There is a God!

Anonymous said...

What cigar bar on Kirby? Is it new?