Saturday, July 11, 2009

Angels 14, Yankees 8

Some series you simply mourn over, awaiting their end.

In the seventies, playing the Red Sox in June was sort of like that. One simply waited for Yaz's three-run homer, or for Pudge's three-run triple off the top of the monster, or for Rice to fist the ball over Chambliss for another two-out run to score.

Just get the series over with, damnit.

Yeah, that's where we are with the Angels.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Welcome to the club. We here in the desert were also shut out of the Yankee/Angels and had to endure the Cardinals/Cubs, which I had no interest in watching. However, it was probably merciful that we didn't see the game. This series is turning into a nightmare but I'm not surprised. It's the ANGELS!
The best line of the day is from George King III of the NYPost:

"If, as the Yankees want you to believe, Joba Chamberlain is young and learning to be a starter, does that mean age has wrapped a blanket around Andy Pettitte?"