Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yankees 11, Rays 4

Well, that was fun. And it's a good thing Burnett is looking so good, 'cause CC, Burnett and Joba at their best might be what the Yankees need. Joel Sherman in the Post:

1. The Blue Jays are listening to whichever teams call, but feel the best matches are with the Phillies and Red Sox. All things being equal, Toronto would prefer to ship Halladay out of the division, but if the Red Sox come up with the right combination of players the Jays would do a deal with Boston. Toronto is prioritizing a pitcher with a high ceiling as key to the deal so Clay Buchholz almost certainly would have to be a component.

2. The Jays also believe that the Yankees have the pieces to make a deal, but the YanksNew York Yankees have not been aggressive at all in an attempt to consummate a trade. That is probably because the Jays would have to have Phil HughesPhil Hughes , and that appears a deal breaker for the Yanks. But Toronto also is infatuated with Double-A catcher Jesus Montero, and like outfielder Austin Jackson, catcher Austin Romine and lefty starter Jeremy Bleich. The Yanks are one of about a dozen teams that have inquired on Scott Downs.

Sorry to ruin your day, Robbie-Boy, but you'll agree: Hughes needs to stay. You don't trade Joba for Halladay, not with the age difference. And the Jays aren't interested in Kennedy.

On another note: If Omar Minaya and Robert Gibbs traded jobs, would anyone notice?


SunDevilJoe said...

The best moment in last nights game was the Kate Hudson reaction after ARod's double. I still think we need a starter. Limping along with Mitre may not get it done. Washburn might still be a possibility if the price is right.

AJ Burnett may be the best signing of 2009.

Omar Minaya makes far more sense than Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to trade either Hughes, or Joba. I'm done with selling off good young talent. I just wanted a more capable arm for that 5th spot at a reasonable price. And the Fat Man needs to pitch better when it counts!!