Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yankees 12, A's 9

Or, as the rest of the world thinks of it: Yanks 8, A's 3; A's 6, Yanks 4

These Friday night/Saturday-essentially-morning games seem to run together, especially if you're being feted at your in-laws Friday night and have to teach all Saturday morning, after which you find out it's 6-1 A's in the seventh.

The FOX blackout was therefore moot.

Oh well.

Joba and Pettitte are moving in opposite directions at an accelerated rate.

And, by all accounts, Girardi stuck with Pettitte too long today. But would Acevedo been any better? (Um, apparently not.)

If the Red Sox catch the Yankees (or, more to the point, if the Red Sex beat the Yankees in the playoffs), it'll be in the sixth and seventh. "Gettin' to Mo" has been replaced by, at the moment, "Gettin' to Phil," but you wonder, thinking of yesterday's and today's pitchers, how much treat Lefty has on the tire and where the outer edge exists for starter Joba.

Once the playoffs start, the need for a fifth starter will become moot, of course, with CC set to go in games one and five. But still: Joba. Pettitte.

Oh, and, before we think about the playoffs: Thirteen games remain against the Angels and Red Sox.

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