Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rays 4, Yanks 3

Yankees: Time for a MacArthur-like retreat, a retrenchment to Australia, a resting of the bullpen and regulars, as they await their inevitable road trip to Minneapolis or Arlington?

The Rays have the easiest final week of any team in baseball: the last place teams of each American League division. If the Rays were allowed to pick their opponents for the last ten games of the season, they would pick the Mariners, Orioles and Royals.

The Yankees will spend the final weekend of the season in a royally pissed-off Fenway, where one must assume Francona will have Buckholz, Lester and Lackey fit and rested to start, plus Bard and Papelbon in the bullpen. Enjoy, fellows. Five losses in six games, four by one run.

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