Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yankees 11, Orioles 3

So again: good ol', fat ol' CC. Not, strictly speaking, ending a losing streak, just a nice, boring game that--tonight anyway--gave us a peek at the Scranton All-Stars in the late innings.

And CC's 20th. Making it 39 wins in two seasons. Plus last year's ALCS MVP. How's that Steinbrenner money looking now?

One of the totally cool things in baseball is how a team, its playoff position already slotted, will send out its starting eight, and gear up its full bullpen, in order to help a pitcher attain a twentieth win or a career landmark late in the season: 200 wins, 250, 300. Such was the case when Jorgie squatted down on aching knees last September to help CC achieve number 20. CC lost, and ended up stuck on 19, but the gesture was not lost.

And now . . . just saw the Rays pull it out in the tenth. One-half game up. This next week should be interesting.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Haven't be able to comment in the past few days as I've be at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Did find a copy of USA Today at the North Rim on Saturday and discovered no changes in the standings. Looks like it's down to the wire and AJ may come around in time for playoffs. Let's hope he that includes above the shoulders.