Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yankees 8, Rays 7 (10)

Is it possible to be exasperated by such a thrilling victory?


The last five days have demonstrated, almost beyond any doubt, that there will be no 28th championship this year unless Andy Pettitte returns to his first-half form by the post-season.

So desperate is the Yankees' 2-4 starter situation that even a hale and hearty Pettitte simply shoves the Yankees' number one problem back a day, to spot number three.

A 6-0 lead that goes poof Extra innings despite outhitting your opponents by a ton. A victory preserved just because Carl Crawford suddenly grew roller skates and contracted brain freeze on the basepaths (don't look for that again), and is thrown out to end the game by a rookie who will be watching the playoffs on his sofa--or, at best, in uniform but inactive.

Does Swisher make that throw? Does Kearns?

What Girardi has done the past three days has been a modified limited hang-out, running his relievers in on alternating days to keep everyone fresh for October. And if the Yankees have to go on the road to Arlington (where they just played so well, ho ho), so be it.

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