Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 2011 Astros: I watch so you don't have to!

Brett Myers' ERA is 1.77. The ERA of Houston's other four starters, plus the closer: 6.17, 7.31, 8.10, 8.10, 10.61. Say it real fast, you sound like an auctioneer at the Livestock Show.

The good news: they are hitting hitting, Pence, Sanchez, Bourn especially. Wallace and Johnson are the "just a matter of time guys," and Lee seems happy to audition for the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers, where he'd fit in perfectly behind Gorman Thomas as one of Harvey's Wallbangers.

The bad news: they are hitting, and are 3-9.


David Ross said...

I guess this just illustrates the old saw about good pitching beating good hitting.

texasyank said...
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texasyank said...

In the way you mean, yes.