Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yankees 6, Rangers 5

Oh, what a lovely game. Classic Yankee, 1996 forward: Strong starting pitching, timely hitting late, Mo Rivera. Deeper than that--for all the power from baseball's gaudiest line-up (since 1923), how many big games over the years have been won by the light-hitting infield guys (Frank Crosetti, Jerry Coleman, Billy Martin, Bobby Richardson, Bucky Dent); by the off-the-bench humpty-dumpties (Johnny Blanchard, Paul Blair, Jim Mason, Brian Doyle, Luis Sojo, Jose Vizcaino); by the members of the Over-the-Hill Gang (Johnny Mize, Country Slaughter, Cecil Fielder, Wade Boggs, Tim Raines)?

As was written of Mize, when Casey Stengel traded for him in 1950, after the ill-fated experiment with DiMaggio in 1950: "Your legs are gone, your arm likewise, but your eyes, Mize, but your eyes!"

Ladies and gentleman, meet Eric Chavez, light-hitting off-the-bench over-the-hill former All-Star, tonight's player of the game.

Eric Chavez--occupant of all three categories

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SunDevilJoe said...

Yes, the pickup of Eric Chavez is looking better everyday as he was the key to tonight's win. He's not supposed to do that. He's supposed to come off the bench and give an infielder a rest during a blowout.

Just to add a few notes to the Enos Slaughter pickup. He was acquired in 1954 because Casey Stengel didn't want the Yanks to become overconfident or lazy after winning 5 straight titles. Of course they proceeded to lose the following year and he was released in 55. However, the Yankees picked him up off waivers in late 56 and he was a hero of a sort in the 56 World Series helping to beat the Dodgers.

Also, The Yankees gave up Bill Virdon for him when he was initially acquired. He, of course, ended up with the Pirates and haunted the Yankees in 60 World Series.