Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yankees 12, White Sox 3

A nice thumping (would have been nice if the nine-run margin could have been spread over all of CC's starts this year), but better for this, a good night for Swisher.

One of Earl Weaver's tricks for coaxing a player out of a slump was to move them up to second in the line-up, reasoning that someone placed right in front of Ken Singleton and Eddie Murray would receive a steady diet of fastballs. Dings to Jeter and Tex placed Swisher to second, right behind Granderson and just ahead of Cano and A-Rod. Result? Oh-for-19 quickly became 3-for-4 with his first homer of the year.

14-8, the very definition of "starting out smartly."

Bring on the Jays.

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