Saturday, April 02, 2011

Yankees 10, Tigers 6

Two games into the season, and there it is: the first Yankee game hidden behind the Fox firewall, bought and buried, and--I'm going by last season, since I didn't bother with Cards and Padres--I've never seen a network give fewer updates for its B game (or, for what I'm guessing for most of the country, its A game) than Fox.

Anyway, the game. What I could glean was a good start for AJ and--yes, merciful God--another home run from Tex, who is, I kid you not, I bet five weeks ahead of his 2010 pace in homers and RBI. I mean, come on. I have three nephews who could hit .136.

Been reading about the up-and-comers; apparently New York is deep as the Harlem River re pitchers and catchers.

Yankees and Red Sox: it's going to come down to who has fewer starting pitching problems, right? Tampa's retrenching, Baltimore is at least a year away, Toronto has lost its best player (Halladay) and its second-best player (Wells) the last two seasons. If AJ can give them the 16-18 wins a number two has to be good for, if Hughes doesn't run out of gas, if either Garcia or Colon can string together a solid year, if Nova is a year better . . .

But you know who, right this minute, would be the Yankees' best option for starters number four and five?

Mike Mussina and Andy Pettitte.

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