Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baseball tomorrow!

But the real story is, improbably,Hillary.

The responses to the claims of her proxies--you know, the complaints about the drug-dealing, Hussein-named, maybe-Muslim, hateful-preacher worshipping, slumlord-befriending Obama--have been carried forth by the press.

As, strangely enough, have been the efforts of mainstream pressers to debunk every one of Hillary's whoppers.

I remember hearing of Hillary's claim of being named for Sir Edmund Hillary. I also remember, over a decade ago, Rush Limbaugh and The National Review pointing out, almost with a sense of weariness, that Hillary Clinton was born a half-dozen years before the meaningful Hillary ascended Everest. Rush, especially, repeated the anomaly 20 times or so, and then lost interest.

But now . . . now that Hillary has the audacity of hoping to defeat a black man . . . and a liberal to boot . . .

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