Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hillary: How Low?

The invaluable Irish Trojan spots this from New Republic's Jonathan Chait. Chait, an unreconstructed Democrat (hence Clintonite), writes:

All politicians, including Obama, spin. But the way the Clinton campaign says night is day is just especially audacious. ... I think Obama and his staff say things they at least believe to be essentially true. Working for Clinton has to be a soul-deadening experience.

The Irish Trojan (aka Brendan Loy) continues:

Chait is echoing Josh Marshall, who wrote last month that "good spin is clever and forward-leaning pitches of actual realities, facts. ... But this Clinton campaign has been doing it in a weird parody mode. Not sharp 'spins' on favorable realities, but aggressive pitches of complete nonsense."

On the basis of what I read, I wrote the following on his comments page:

Message from Republicans to Jonathan Chait:

So now you know. Only took 18 years, smart guy.

Then I went back, to Chait's entire entry, and wrote the following:

On second thought, Brendan, I went to the link and think you ellipsied out the sentence where Chait once again resumes the role of Clinton enabler:

"It's as if they have internalized the attacks they suffered in the 1990s to such a degree that they believe to their core that the only way to win is to imitate their worst tormentors."

Newt made 'em do it! Ken Starr made 'em do it!

And understand the Chait's implication here: that the current black-is-white (or, in the case of Obama, black-is-blacker) behavior of Mr. and Mrs. Snope from Hope is somehow new.

Chait's sub thesis: Oh, they were NEVER like this when I loved them.

The GOP's best chance this fall is a Dem train wreck. That may not be enough, especially if Obama makes inroads in the South. (Without the Confederacy's 160 electoral votes, McCain is sunk.) But the Dems have been known to affect such a wreck.

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