Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer Update

1. No resignation after all--not today, anyway. Wait for a couple two days; once the overnights come in, what you'll be hearing is Spitzer saying either a) "I am a John-American, and must resign to heal the hurt I have caused to my loved ones"; or b) "Regardless of what I have done, I owe a debt to the people of New York that is too large to step away from the awesome responsibility I have and the work that must be done."

I he has channeled his pals the Clintons properly, he'll choose Door B.

2. Bush! As reported, several links away, in The Corner, one of the Kossaks is already blaming W. See, it was his wiretapping that brought about the . . . oh, never mind.

Astro-Girl was intrigued: "How can President Bush be at fault?"

Me: "Easy. Spitzer slipped on a bar of soap. He landed on his back. Then President Bush shoved the hooker onto his penis."

Astro-Girl: "Huh. Bush Push, indeed."

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