Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obama wins RI; TX, OH down to the wire

Voted today; soon (in Texas's crazy-quilt primary/caucus system) it's back to the precinct.

Over at the Irish Trojan, Brendan Loy solicited predictions. I offered the following:

Clinton narrowly wins Texas (primary only), wins Ohio by 7.

I added:

Oh: My precinct in Houston is Upper Kirby, a kind of yuppie middle-class professional/just-out-of-med-school/just starting in law area south of posh River Oaks.

The area set aside for the Dem Caucus is the local Lamar High School, either in the gym or the expansive adjacent lobby.

The GOP? An office boardroom.

Poster 4-7 rejoined:

I guess that's appropriate. The GOP is where you go to get business done, the Dem. party is where you go for childish games that lead nowhere if you don't eventually grow up.



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