Thursday, April 10, 2008

Royals 4, Yankees 0

Can't anybody here hit the ball?

Wanna know something funny? So anemic has been the Yankee offense of late (six runs once so far, eight runs total in their three other wins, two runs total in their last eighteen innings against Kansas freaking City) that I had a feeling the game was over as soon as John Buck's homer splashed into the waterfall beyond center field.

1-0, ballgame.

Last year, through the end of June, A-Rod, Posada and Jeter seemed to be playing three against nine.

Now, with both Georgie and Jeter hurt, make it one against nine. Melky and Matsui string together a few good at bats; Cano gets a hit now and again. Abreu had a few good games in what seemed a long time ago, ie last week.

But, come on, four runs allowed by a cadre of relief pitchers would seem to be enough. Sheesh.

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