Monday, April 28, 2008

Yankees 5, Indians 2

One reason baseball is the greatest game is the number of times you walk away saying, "Well, I never saw that before."

Sixth inning, 2-0 Tribe, bases loaded, nobody out. A-Rod at the plate. Bingo, a big inning. And so it was.

A-Rod: hit by pitch. Run forced in. 2-1, Cleveland.

Giambi to the plate. Slow bouncer to first, One unassisted, run scores, Jeter advances from second to third, A-Rod from first to second. 2-2.

Matsui to the plate. Slow bouncer to first, One unassisted, Jeter scores, A-Rod to third. 3-2, Yankees.

Morgan Ensberg to the plate. A swinging, thirty-foot six-hopper dies in the infield grass. Ensberg, infield hit. A-Rod scores. 4-2 Yankees.

Four batters, four runs--and all without a batted ball traveling more than 95 feet.

Never saw that before.


SunDevilJoe said...

I think the NYPost summarized the game perfectly with:

"KYLE Farnsworth has lost his nickname, "The Mop."(he doesn't "Mop Up" anymore)) Jonathan Albaladejo has effectively replaced Brian Bruney. And Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera continue to be the premier late-game duo in baseball."

And yes, that Yankee "power surge" in the 5th (?) inning was awesome!

Anonymous said...

If "it" hasn't been done before and the Yankees need "it" to win, it will happen.

You should know this by now.