Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yankees 8, Rays 7

The old Arizona State coach Daryl Rodgers always explained that W's are W's and L's are L's, but if here is anything like a bad win, we saw it.

Those who barked at Girardi for putting Joba in the set-up spot should shut up right about now. Joba's absence from the bullpen exposed the Yankee bullpen's soft underbelly, its lack of anyone not named Joba or Mo to hold a lead.

Great relievers not named Gossage, Eck, Hoffman and Mo tend to blaze and fade, but Joba maybe headed for the closer's role.

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Robby-Boy said...

And I actually think Kennedy pitched pretty good. Maybe a little gassed towards the late innings. I know they're just Tampa-but it's actually a pretty good lineup of bats. young power and speed.

Joba should stay and NEVER leave the setup role. Mo looks better this year than last. Agree? I remember him struggling early last season......

The tribe....not only did they let the Sox steal one, but I have Borowski on my fantasy squad and was met with a 80.03 ERA this morning from his nights work....