Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sox Take Series

Missed Saturday night's game; I'm told Girardi made a blunder with Moose re Manny.

Flipped off tonight's when it got to 5-1. These famn games seem to happen lately.


SunDevilJoe said...

I did the opposite last night. Didn't get to see the first few innings and flipped it on just as it went to 5-1. Stayed tuned as it did get interesting. Cano is killing us. Someone please give him a wakeup call.

Anonymous said...

From potential Batting Champ to Batting Chump. Cano is killing my fantasy team. Bring back Donnie Baseball to coach the kid. Ugh! It's just another reason to hate the Yankees.

By the way, don't blame Cano. Have you seen the guy playing first base? It's time to bring back Kevin Maas.


texasyank said...

You mean Mo Ensberg? Fight on!