Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yankees 9, White Sox 5

Ladies and gentlemen, your at-bat of the season, so far.

Seventh inning, two out, bases loaded, Bobby Abreu at the plate. 3-2, White Sox.

As the two teams I follow are the Yankees and the Astros, I am well familiar with the pitcher, righthander Octavio Dotel; he had just struck out Jeter with high fastballs and Ozzie Guillen, riding the emotion of the moment (or so speculated Kay, O'Neill and Cone), left him in to face Abreu.

For Yankee fans, this might have been the most propitious decision since Grady Little left Pedro in to face Posada in Game 7.

So yeah: Ball one, ball two. Fastballs not a foot near the plate.

2-0. Abreu looks dead red.

Gonzo. 6-3.

Some more excitement later, but that was your ball game.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Something special about facing ex Yankee pitchers! Sounds like the YES gang had Guillen analyzed correctly in that he was following his emotions with leaving Dotel in. I had to suffer through the ChiSox broadcast with the "Hawk" and his "One for the Good Guys" and let's go "Paulie" dialogue. However, he was impressed with Joba.
In spite of his homer, Giambi has to turn it around. He's continues to hit right into the shift. I like Ensberg but we missed ARod's glove last night.