Sunday, September 06, 2009

Blue Jays 14, Yankees 8

Oh, what a terrible game. Just a dreadful game. Four Yankee errors, and the Blue Jay scorekeeper was being generous. If one includes mental lapses and plays-that-guy-usually-makes, you could double that number. Ball under Tex's glove. Hairston getting cute with the slow roller. Help me out, guys, I turned that sucker off four different times.

Call this the okay-you-still-know-nothing's-been-quite-settled-yet? game. And PS: The Red Sox and Angels both won.

SDJ agrees mostly with the post-season roster; I only forgot about the kid Pena, who may squeeze in as pinch-runner/defensive all-purpose guy.

They tell you in the minors: the way to stay employed for a long time is to 1) learn to play all four infield positions, 2) learn to catch, or 3) cultivate a left-handed breaking ball.

I'm with SDJ: Coke is hard to leave off, maybe too hard. Put him in for 23.

Where I now think we are at is one from Mitre/Gaudin and one from Pena/Cervelli.

Mitre didn't do himself any favors today but, sheesh, Lamar High School up the street from me would have knocked down more balls.

If the playoffs started tomorrow (CC vs. Verlander, and don't think I wouldn't cancel class to see it, though those games usually end up 15-12), I'd bet on Gaudin and Cervelli as odd men out.

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