Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yanks drop two

How many people have thrPee computers melt down in a month?

Yeah, thought so. Plus I had nothing on my mind but USC-Ohio State


SunDevilJoe said...

If you typed a little slower, you might not burn out the engine.

The Trojans were very impressive. I felt they were the better team at the end of the 1st half but poor field position seemed to haunt them the whole 2nd half until they pulled out that gritty drive.
Looking forward to seeing them live and in color in November. Oh, if they would only leave their band home!

Anonymous said...

It's debatable. I notice I also wrote "ThrPee" like something from Star Wars.

Thing about the Trojans: they're notorious for letting a team show its A game the first 20-30 minutes of a contest. Then they adjust.

This time they spotted the Buckeyes the third quarter, too--which was just enough without being too much.

Barkley/McKnight was a thing of beauty. Nice to see McKNight decide to show up for the game.

And, for the Trojan Faithful, fun to see Sanchez take apart the Texans.


Anonymous said...

No talk about Houston and the big upset yesterday??!! Trojans are who we thought they were. Obscene talent across the board and down the depth chart. Nice display, and does anyone think the Big 10 is a complete joke? Seriously! Except Iowa better beat uofa next week.

AJ needs to focus more on pitching and less on shaving cream walk off antics. Looking forward to Joba pitching big in a big time match up with Weaver tomorrow at the stadium.

Robbie Boy

Anonymous said...


I'm hoping for a UT v USC BCS championship game this year.

Want to catch a Cougar game this season? I may try to go to the Tech game here in a couple of weeks with my father-in-law, Jamie, and Dez's brother Erik. I've hear rumors about having to buy season tickets to get ticks to that game though. If not the Tech game, another one. Liparulo also expressed an interest.