Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yankees 3, Rays 2

Magic number: 15.

Is it me, or does Nick Swisher look like Mark Texiera's younger brother they let put on a uniform?

Neever mind, the shaving cream, I'm guessing, tasted just as good.

Tonight's plan was to race through my evening class and arrive at Minute Maid during the third inning. In the car, Astro-Girl delivered the bad news: eight pm, one hour in, middle of the fifth.

And I had thought Geg Maddux had retired.

Christ, doesn't anyone besides Pujols take a pitch anymore?

So: Off to the sports bar.

2-1, Yankees, in the seventh.

Then: 2-2. Somebody's home run. I as nailing down the boneless wings.

Then Swisher.

Magic number: 15.

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