Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yankees 10, Orioles 2

Sabathia now 16-7. It is one of the ironies of baseball that playing for a winning team helps an MVP candidate but often hurts a Cy Young candidate. Remember the immortal Pat Hentgen? (He beat out Pettitte in '96, announced on a day when Lefty, fresh from the World Championship, had already arranged a press conference in Deer Park.)

So now Grienke: 13-8 to CC's 16-7, but an ERA one-and-a-quarter runs less than Sabathia's. Hmmm.

In MVP news: Mauer? Jeter? Now, a renewed case for Tex.

Speaking of Pettitte: If he gets to 250 wins (Official Bob Feller Territory, OFBT), plus four rings, seven pennants, and (not even counting this year) eleven playoff appearances--well, can we now begin to talk about Cooperstown?


SunDevilJoe said...

Some Thoughts,
I think that Jeter will be paid his due this year.

I truly hope that Pettite gets to the Hall of Fame.

CC is one tough cookie.

Cano is on his way to be a super star.

I'm not sure if the Yankees will lose another game! Boy, are they on a roll.

Can't wait for the start of football. Go Devils!

A true freshman QB! Are you kidding me????

Anonymous said...

I am always checking the Red Sox score during a Yankee game. Now? Angels score. Why? Because now it's about winning the home field......