Thursday, October 22, 2009

Angels 7, Yankees 6 (end 7th)

Saw Burnett come out for the seventh, and nearly somersaulted off my sofa.

First, his pet catcher Molina is gone, replaced by nasty ol' Jorge.

Second, after the rocky first, five scoreless A.J. innings drop out of the sky. You're tempting fate.

Third, you've got a bullpen so rested it's verging on rust. Girardi would have brought in Rivera tonight if the score had reached 13-2. Mo can go two and put his arm in a sling until next Wednesday. Robertson, Coke, Marte, Joba and Hughes can throw six pitches apiece in the seventh.

Tony Doubleday has ruined baseball. Managers! Stop thinking! If an usher had managed the Yankees tonight, they'd be six Mo (post-season ERA: 0.00) outs away from the Series.

Bottom eight.

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