Friday, October 02, 2009

Operation Chaos (Baseball Version)

Detroit's Magic Number: 2.

One of the great happenstances of politcs is how, when political opposites become polarized enough, they eventually reach all the way around and eventually agree with one another. So it was that both conservative Evangelicals and rabid feminists wanted pornogrpahy banned. And, back in the 60s, the Ku Klux Klan's favorite boxer was Elijah Muhammad disciple Muhammad Ali, since both the Klan and Muhammad's Muslim sect preached separation of the races.

Today we have Ozzie Guillen. Behaving like an ass and blowhard comes as easily as breathing for Ozzie, so as the White Sox are in Detroit, with the Tigers' magic number is two, Ozzie (who would rather sit with the Bleacher Creatures than watch another team celebrate in front of him) is starting Jake Peavy.

Ozzie is (let me project here) so set on beating the Tigers that his preoccupation over something that, to the White Sox, is essentially meaningless is--when it stretches all the way around--the right thing to do.

If Peavy is sharp, he stays in. Watch. Ozzie's only regret is that he cannot follow Peavy this weekend with Lamarr Hoyt and Billy Pierce in their primes.

Meanwhile, Minnesota gets to face Kansas City, and the immortal Lenny DiNardo, with his sparkling 0-2 record and 7.52 ERA.

Go get 'em, Ozzie.

Rooting for one team over the other: Bad karma. Rooting for chaos? No, that's okay.

Apparently I'm not alone, guys:

Detroit now has to win two, or the 'ole combo win Twinkies loss. Let's hope for a 1 game playoff!


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