Saturday, October 03, 2009

Operation Chaos (Baseball Version) Lives

Tomorrow's starting pitcher--

(Det) Verlander 18-9

Every little bit helps.

One might ask . . .

. . . who wants to even chance going into the Thunderdome, the way the Twins are playing?

. . . Doesn't a team that wins an extra playoff game go deep into the playoffs (see: Yankees '78, Mariners '95, Colorado '07) as often as not (Astros '80, Cubs '99)?

. . . above all else, aren't we worried about CC?

To which one answers: Maybe not me, yes, and yes.

But I'll take my chances.

Right now I'm watching 1) another historically crappy personal-foul call by the Pac-10 crew working USC-Cal, once again demonstrating that Pac-10 football officials make Big-10 basketball officials look like John Marshall and Oliver Wendell Holmes had given birth to Earl Strom; and, alternatively, 2) a baseball game called by Vin Scully, which I treasure as a college professor would the few nights he can afford to eat out at Morton's or Fleming's. To think all those nights in Los Angeles I could have listened! I was too busy at the library. Or out chasing girls.

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