Sunday, October 04, 2009

A-Rod heats up?

Some record here.

Yankee legends are made in October, A-Rod.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Since I am consumed with Football on Saturday, watching as much as I can in between tailgating preparations, it's hard to keeep track of everything.
With the postseason clinched, didn't see much of the Yanks the past three days. However, I did monitor the Twins/Tigers battle and, I agree, it ended perfectly.I did see the Rays plunk Tex Friday night and that was obviously all about protecting Pena.
Is Stanford for real?
We'll find how bad WSU is when the SunDevils visit them on Saturday.
Is Cal that bad or Trojans that good. That was a whooping considering it was in Berkley.
It was great to see the Okies go down. Now, let's hope they beat Mack Brown.
Since the Huskies beat USC and ND beat them, does that mean ND will beat USC?

Yank Playoff starting times are 6:07 P.M. EST.