Thursday, October 22, 2009

Angels 7, Yankees 6 (Yankees lead series, 3-1)

Ibid, for details, see post below.


Anonymous said...

If I may from the NY Post tonight-

"A.J. Burnett placed the Yankees in a cavernous crater early. The trench Phil Hughes dug late wasn't as deep, but together the right-handed ditch diggers cost their team a chance to punch a World Series ticket."

And I agree, Burnett coming off the bench tonight was idiotic. John Sterling had this to say on my way back from the grocery store. "Well Burnett IS coming out in the 7th, well he WILL be gone if he allows just ONE batter to get on base." Wrong Johnny Boy!

I wish Sterling was managing this team for crying out loud!!


SunDevilJoe said...

The Post was right on. I couldn't believe he let Burnett pitch to the second batter.

What to do about Swisher???