Friday, May 28, 2010

Ahhh Twins 8-2

From Blogging the Bombers:

"Trip ends on a dud, but good times are ahead."

Let's see if he--and Sun Devil Joe--are correct.

The Yanks have been upgraded from a slide to the blahs. Sometimes the blahs are underrated. To extend the Blackjack metaphor: you never learn to value a choppy shoe (the blahs) until you lose or push eleven hands in a row (the slide). Your Blackjack hand gets a push thanks to a dealer's down Ace (which precludes the option of even money), your twenty against a dealer's six loses when the dealer goes five, ten for twenty-one.

Translation: half your games you lose 10-8, the other half 1-0.

You know what a mean. What we have here lately is a choppy shoe, which is worse than nothing. But now it's time to pull a few double-downs, win a few splits, get picked up when Third Base (dear God!) is smart enough to stand on fifteen against a five.

Let's explode in euphoric high-fives and call for another round of comped Heinekens.

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SundevilJoe said...

Ugly game. Vazquez was not very good but....If the Yankees were hitting like they should, his performance wouldn't mattered. You know, like the good old days!
Let's hope the bats wake up against the lowly tribe.