Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guys, this is getting ridiculous

Larry Brooks on the Yankee starters.

One weird comeback away from a serious slide. And nowthe Rays worry me. Officially.


Robbie-Boy said...

I swear the AL East is the beast of MLB right now. The boys on Baseball Tonight were saying it might take 105 wins to win the East this year. I'm just hoping that the Rays are playing out of the heads right now and that they can't possibly keep this up all season. Because if they can, then Wild Card here we come!!

The injuries are starting to worry me. If this keeps up, we need to anticipate more moves being made and perhaps a big trade at the deadline?

SunDevilJoe said...

Chad Moeller! How far we have fallen. The impact of losing Granderson and Johnson is unknown since we don't know what they were going to give us. However, Jorge is a major loss- we don't know how long Cervelli will produce at his current pace and Moeller will give us nothing except a backup we hope we don't have to use. Let's hope the infield stays healthy, produces and pray no fly balls are hit to you know who.

That was an ugly game last night.

texasyank said...

Not for nothing, but as the Yankees slip slowly in the East, I'll start to put all the bad news to the right. When the pitching comes around and at least 2 guys get healthy, maybe good news.