Monday, May 17, 2010

Yankees 11, Red Sox 9

I wanted New York to win this game so badly . . . that I didn't watch it much past 7-6 Yankees. Not because I couldn't bear to watch, but after seeing yesterday's immolation and the lead shrink with the thought of, "How many times can one team go to CC to stop the bleeding?"--I simply challenged the Yanks to win in my absence. If they lost, fine, I didn't have to watch it. If they won, I was willing to pay the price.

How badly? Consider: after mi9ssing two late-inning home runs--A-Rod to tie, Thames for the walk-off (or so I'm told)--I still think I did the right thing.

Nick Johnson out until, let's face it, August 1st. If Cervelli can hit, if Posada can DH from both sides, if Granderson gets healthy, this may all be for the best. I remember in 1979, with Ron Guidry solid number one and Tommy John solid number two in the rotation, Ed Figueroa, Catfish Hunter, Luis Tiant, Jim Beattie and Ken Clay were all jostling for spots 3-5. Sports Illustrated wrote, "Perhaps an injury or two might actually help sort things out." The Yanks got the injury, but to Goose Gossage, the closer who was, with Gator, one of the only two indispensible players on the team. So we'll see.

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SundevilJoe said...

Joel Sherman in the NYPost agreesa with you , sort of. His main point is that Girardi will be able to rotate the DH among regulars and be able to rest them. Plus, some guys who should have made the team (Miranda) will now get a chance.