Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yankees 14, Red Sox 3

Funny thing is, now is when we're supposed to hear about what fools the Yankees were:

Austin Jackson: batting .370; Johnny Damon, .302, both for the Tigers, and right now I would take the Tigers vs. the field in the AL Central.

Ian Kennedy: odd man out on the Yankee Diaper Dandy pitching trio, just won a 1-0 duel vs. Roy Oswalt in Home Run Field. At least five people witnessed the event.

And the Yankees' new parts? Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson: DL. At least Granderson made you sorry to see him go.

Javier Vasquez? Partying like it's 2004.

So why no worry?

Jeter, ss
Gardner, cf
Texiera, 1b
Rodriguez, 3b
Cano, 2b
Posada, c
Swisher, rf

If all the new Yankee everyday players were to drop dead tomorrow, these would be hitters 1-7.

You would have a dh--if Johnson is a wash, maybe a salary dump (Lance Berkman?, Carlos Lee?, for three kids: a pitcher, a bat, and one from the Yankees' treasure trove of minor-league catchers?)--potentially batting sixth, between Cano and Jorgie.

Starting pitching:
Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Hughes

Aceves, Robertson, Mitre, Joba, Mo.

Don't wanna hear 'bout no Rays.

Not til the end of the month, anyway.

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