Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yankees 15, Red Sox 9

I reproduce, here, the email I sent to my father: "Are you shitting me? When it got to 9-0 I went out for my jog. Came home, nearly fell out of my chair. And two of my favorite players! People look upon Swisher as a kind of team mascot, and he admits the Yankees themselves look upon him as a little ... Different. But imagine them the last three years without him. Tex, though, fits perfectly in the no crap, lets-play-ball vein of Joe Gordon, Frank Crosetti, Thurman Munson and Paul O'Neill. Anyway, I hope YOU saw it. Best part is, now CC goes tomorrow as house money. And NO Joe Morgan! PS do you somehow think Bobby V and Boston deserve one another?" 9-6. With the rotation still not configured.

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