Monday, April 23, 2012

Yankees 7, Rangers 4

Was I alone in being relieved at last night's rainout. The bullpen, turned to shreds by too many cliffhangers, too many early exits, too much work--and this was before Saturday--got a day's rest. Heat-seeking Sabathia got to pitch in balmy Texas instead of damp Boston. Plus, I had a fond memory of another game on another Sunday, when the Yankees' ace (Clemens) was ready to polish off another reeling rival, a team that had soured expectations so badly it was thought that, should the Yankees prevail that Sunday night, the Mets manager would be fired on Monday. The Mets won going away. Mike Piazza hit a grand slam over the Tappan Zee Bridge. Clemens went on to have his one unquestionably poor season with the Yankees (14-10, with that lineup and that bullpen). Bobby Valentine kept his job. And everything was put in motion for a memorable Clemens-Piazza confrontation 17 months later, in the World Series . . . Tonight? I'm almost afraid to even say Jeter's name. And Sabathia, second game in a row, pitched just well enough to win.

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sundeviljoe said...

No you were not alone in feeling some relief in the rain out, like...quit while you are ahead, it's still a sweep and ,of course, save CC for the Rangers which proved to work just great. He was CC of old, got stronger as the game went on. Yes, Jeter is unreal!