Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yankees 5, O's 4 (12)

When your starter throws five wild pitches (and thank you, R. Martin, that it wasn't eight or nine), and you still win, well, maybe the season isn't lost yet.

Three-four-five--Tex, A-Rod, Granderson--are batting .458 . . . when you add their batting averages together. Jeter, Cano, Gardner, Jones and Ibanez the heavy lifting.

Yesterday I wrote on facebook, half-jokingly, that if George Steinbrenner were still alive, Lou Piniella's phone would be ringing. My friend Ken Jorgensen came back with a few more suggestions, including Stump Merrill, Stick Michael and the ghost of Bob Lemon. Before we worked our way back to Miller Huggins, the game was won.

2-3, and tomorrow CC gets his second crack. I remember his wild first start ever for the Yankees, right there in Camden Yards, where he seemed intent on earning all of his $170 Million in the first three innings, and nearly opened a hole in the brick wall below the backstop. Let CC be CC?

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