Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yankees 8, Twins 3

Chris Stweart starts the merry-go-round with his 2-run RBI off Nelson Liriano, putting me in mind, strangely, of another coming-out before the home crowd, 61 years ago this very day . . .

Red Smith: "Mantle nodded, stepped back into the box and singled a run home. Dickey, coaching at third, slapped his stern approvingly. When the kid raced home from second with his first big-league run, the whole Yankee bench arose to clap hands and pat his torso. He was in the lodge." --New York Herald Tribune, April 18, 1951

Stewart is no Mantle and never will be. But his hit, his first Yankee RBIs, struck 61 years later, was bigger in the context of the game.

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sundeviljoe said...

ah.....1961, I was in the 8th grade and don't remember that particular incident but can recall many similar happenings from the emerging superstar # 7.