Monday, April 30, 2012

Yankees 6, Tigers 2

No Yankee pitcher since Ron Guidry can so decisively turn around his team;s fortunes than CC Sabathia.


sundeviljoe said...

From Ken Davidoff of NYPost:
"The Yankees’ starting rotation, regarded as so deep and promising a month ago, has devolved into a Bizarro version of “Survivor.” You’ve never seen contestants work so hard to get voted off the island"......"If Hughes looks like the collection of interesting ingredients that somehow keeps turning into raspberry-flavored meat loaf, then Garcia is a bag of stale rolls right now. Nothing good can come from him".

Garcia is gone. Please hurry up and get here Andy!

texasyank said...

Nothing bad should be said of Garcia or Colon. Their tolerably competent seasons dropped out of the sky when the Yankees lost 35-40 wins with Cliff Lee's weird fascination with Phlly and Andy's premature retirement. Give them both a gold watch. It's time to move on.